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A Letter from Our Founder

I would like to give our potential customers a brief  overview of our company along with several crucial points that separate us from  other companies at Lake of the Ozarks. First  of all, you hear a lot about experience from realtors but how does one judge  experience? At LakeWide realty, we believe that experience is a collaboration  of:

  • extensive knowledge of the area
  • a complete understanding of the market
  • and exceptional credentials

When you become a client, you are also choosing to conduct  business with a qualified staff. For instance, I have valuable experience as a  real estate broker, resident appraiser, certified home inspector, certified  mold inspector, and a certified environmental inspector. Therefore, you have  peace of mind that you are working with a well-rounded, qualified company knowledgeable  in vital aspects concerning your home. 

Another beneficial feature of our company is that we consist  of a smaller, personal, and highly educated staff that is here to assist you  with your concerns and/or needs. You can be confident that our LakeWide realty staff  is a friendly yet no hassle personnel who respects and upholds customer privacy. 

At LakeWide realty, we would like for you to keep in mind  that your house is personal and so is our company. We’re in real estate to  assist our clients with achieving worthwhile investment opportunities. Thank  you for your time, and we look forward to working with you. 

Mike Bleile




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